About Me

Grace G.

A Homestead and Simple Life Dreamer

Hello everyone,

thanks for stopping by in my small area of the blog as this has been a very strange and miraculous adventure for me. I’ve always had a heart for homestead life and simple living off the land, just, I’ve never been able to do it; or at least I’ve always told myself I couldn’t. Now, as the wheels of time turn, and I’ve gotten into my early 30s, I’ve realized just how much I crave simplicity, and wanting to learn how to be more self-sufficient. Thus, this blog was born, to chronicle the trials and tribulations I will be facing as I make my way towards my goals and dreams. Will I accomplish them? I don’t know, but God does, and I trust him to guide me through this life. For my faith is greater than my fear.

What I am Currently Doing and Trying to Accomplish
  • Currently a licensed medical professional
  • Currently self-studying homestead life
  • Amateur Crafter
  • Currently studying Homestead Life

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